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The FCC Exam

For current information on the FCC exam, click here to visit the Federal Communications Commission’s Website.

Go to the ISCET Home Page and click on the green button "Register for an Exam," and follow instructions. You will then be registered with a Certification Administrator (CA) or Proctor to give your examinations. If there are any problems, call 1-800-946-0201. The fee for the test(s) will be collected by the CA or Proctor just prior to the examination(s).

Select the correct fee from the fee schedule below, according to number of examination elements scheduled for a single sitting.

  1. Make a copy of your photo ID and any previously issued FCC Certificate. For proper verification, bring your actual photo ID and the original FCC certificate to the examination session. The copies will be attached to your exam answer sheet.
  2. You will be asked by your CA or Proctor to fill out an Application for Examination. Keep the green copy of your application as a receipt for your fee payment.
  3. Expect to receive your proof of passing certificate (PPC) in about 10 days after the examination answer sheet is returned to ISCET.
  4. If you fill out an FCC Form 605 and the required schedules, give them to the CA or Proctor to mail back to ISCET with the testing session paperwork so that your application for an FCC license can be electronically filed with the FCC, otherwise it will take about 2 weeks to mail your Proof of Passing Certificate (PPC) to you.
  5. If ISCET does not electronically file for your license, mail your PPC and a completed copy of the application (FCC Form 605) to the FCC. Mail to:

Federal Communications Commission
1270 Fairfield Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325-7245

Minimum fee per examination session, any 1 element -- $50
Maximum fee per examination session, any 2 elements at one sitting -- $70
Maximum fee per examination session, any 3 elements at one sitting -- $90
Each additional element in excess of 3 at the same sitting -- $20

Written Elements:
Element 1 (only), 24 Questions
Element 3 (only), 100 Questions
Element 5(only), 50 Questions
Element 6 (only), 100 Questions
Element 7 (only), 76 Questions
Element 8 (only), 50 Questions
Element 9 (only), 50 Questions


The FCC is no longer issuing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class licenses. See below for the current FCC license options.

General Radio Operator’s License
Written Elements 1 & 3

Marine Radio Operator’s License
Written Element 1

GMDSS Radio Operator’s License
Written Elements 1 & 7

GMDSS Radio Maintainer’s License
Written Elements 1, 3, & 9

Ship Radar Endorsement
Written Element 8

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